February 14, 2016

Tyler Hams plan digital net on Sundays

The fldigi program is a free.
Several Tyler hams will begin holding a digital-mode net on Sunday evenings at 9 pm starting on February 21. The net is currently planned to be held on 10 meters, 28.123 MHz dial frequency, USB digital (1500 Hz audio--28.124.5 MHz rf--center frequency).

The first mode to be tried is a new mode called FSQ (Fast Simple QSO). This mode is available in the most recent versions of fldigi beginning in version 3.23. (User manual available here)

Not sure how well (or even if) Rusk County hams will be able to here them, but it's worth a try. The regular SSB net starts at 8 pm on 28.365 MHz. Then stick around at 9 pm as they move down the band to 28.123 MHz (+-) for digital.

The full details are available on the Tyler ham club's page.