January 25, 2014

Ham Radio in a School Zone?

By David Chenault (W5CWT) - In Texas, it's been illegal to use cell phones in most school zones for years, which prompted many hams to ask if their HTs and mobile rigs were off limits, too. Now that new legislation has expanded the area where cell phones are illegal, (and both police and school officials are on the look-out for new violators) it warrants a second look at the ham radio question.

More than five years ago, the Texas Legislature enacted new laws making it illegal to use cell phones while driving through most school zones. The "most" comes from the fact that school districts had to post signs along roads alerting drivers to the law before it could be enforced. Of course, most, if not all, school districts did.

January 23, 2014


The RCARC's monthly meeting in January was cancelled due to freezing precipitation in the area. The next regularly scheduled meeting is scheduled for February 27th, 7pm.

The Reverse Beacon What?!

If you've never heard of the Reverse Beacon Network, then set aside some time on Saturday, February 1st. The Worldwide Radio Operators Foundation is hosting a webinar highlighting the network and showing how to use it to make more contacts! Click here to register.

So what is the the Reverse Beacon Network? According to its website, the Reverse Beacon Network is a revolutionary new idea. Instead of beacons actively transmitting signals, the RBN is a network of stations listening to the bands and reporting what stations they hear, when and how well.