August 30, 2015

Watch out! Intruder Alert from DK2OM

Strange signals are often present on the Amateur radio bands. But who can tell what they are or where they come from? That's DK2OM's passion. Like a lion hunting his prey, Wolf scans up and down the bands looking for signals that are out of place. Using more than $25,000 worth of high-end equipment and software, he analyzes what he finds and reports it to the DARC (Germany's version of the ARRL). They, in turn, work to prevent the signals from returning,

Wolf says some of the worst offenders currently are the signals from Russian and Iranian OTH (Over-The-Horizon) radar. These extremely powerful signals are designed to peak over the natural curvature of the earth and detect missiles or aircraft up to 3,000 miles away. The signals often result in broad swaths of noise in the 20-meter amateur band.
Thanks to VoIP technology, DK2OM was able to tell his story to the members of the RCARC during the August meeting and encourage them to join the hunt to intruders on the ham bands.
Listen to the complete by clicking on the video. Here is Wolf's latest Intruder Report and more information about his work. Thanks to DK2OM for his monitoring work and giving up time to speak with us!

August 18, 2015

Soon to be New Ham in Rusk County

Congratulations to Dana Ashby on passing the Technician Exam last Saturday morning! Not only did Dana pass the exam, he aced it with 100% correct answers.

Dana had been studying the Tech theory manual and arranged for us to meet him this past Saturday morning at the Fire Station and administer the exam.

My thanks also to Ken KZ5S and Craig AF5RI for assisting with the exam. As soon as the FCC gets Dana's license granted, we can expect to hear him on the air!