August 27, 2022

FREE: "Radio for Everyone" program

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who attended our program! The turnout was tremendous. Anyone who would like more information about GMRS, please contact the club.

(Original post) The next club meeting will be a first for the RCARC! We will have a presentation called, "Radio for Everyone" detailing the variety of options available for someone new to the radio world.

Recent changes by the FCC have lowered the hurdles to get a radio license, especially a General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) license. This means that practically everyone can get and begin using a GMRS radio for a variety for purposes. 

GMRS radio are very popular among Jeep enthusiasts and other hiking, off-roading and overlanding groups. Some off-road parks even require the vehicle to be equipped with a GMRS radio. GMRS is also useful for emergency communications situations or for community response teams like CERT and SKYWARN. 

Join us Thursday, September 8, 2022 for a special program to learn how GMRS can help you and your family prepare for the unexpected or enjoy the outdoors. The program is free and hosted by the RCARC. It will be held in the Multi-purpose Building (or Community Room) at the South Main Church of Christ, 402 South Main, Henderson, Tx. Parking is available on the Van Buren side of the building.