November 21, 2013

Lions roar about the RCARC

Henderson Daily News, 11/21/2013
Richard (K5RRB) and David (W5CWT) spoke to the Henderson Lions Club on Wednesday, promoting ham radio and the Rusk County Amateur Radio Club. Several of the club members asked
questions ranging from license requirements (including CW) and emergency preparedness.

The club also got a nod from the Henderson Daily News with a story and photo about the program. If anyone has any contacts with other service clubs in the area, let us know and we'll be happy to put on a program!

November 20, 2013

Special Events and Logging Software

Rusk County hams got a chance to learn about special events, Boy Scout on-air jamborees and logging software Tuesday evening during the Rusk County Amateur Radio Club's November meeting.

Tom Noe (W5DTN), of Longview, visited the club and shared some his experiences with special event stations. Tom explained the process of applying for a special "1x1" callsign for special events such as the Syrup Festival and Field Day.

Tom also demonstrated the logging software he uses for contests like Field Day. He explained that he preferred to use the technique of "sitting" on a single frequency to rack up contacts, instead of dialing up and down the band looking for strong signals.

November 12, 2013

Hamming it up at the Syrup Festival

Thousands of people attended Henderson's Syrup Festal November 9th, and many of them stopped by the Rusk County ARC's booth! Thanks to K5RRB (Richard) who designed a nice setup including three pieces of tower for the booth and to Craig (KD5YHR) for helping to get it put up!

In additional to several contacts made throughout the day, N5SAY (Dudley) was able to work the repeater from Buffalo, Texas, logging a contacts of just over 95 miles. He arrived later to man the booth.

Club members handed out flyers and information about becoming a ham and also worked closely with the Rusk County Emergency Management Office which activated its emergency response trailer for the duration of the festival.

November 08, 2013

Are QSL cards waiting on you?

Are hams from exotic countries trying to send you a QSL card? Is there a pile of cards just waiting to be sent to your station? The ARRL's incoming QSL Bureau is free of charge, but unless you've send a SASE or money to pay for postage, your cards may be waiting on a self, delayed from making that final leg of the trip to you.

It used to be that the only way you would know was if you sent a SASE to the bureau. Then you waited. Or maybe you got lucky and a generous QSL sorter dropped you a postcard to let you know cards were on file for you. Now, however, the answer may be just a mouse click away! 

If your callsign contains a five, the person responsible for sorting your cards has posted his or her database online. It's waiting to searched right now! Search it from our own Operating Page or click through to the Bureau's website and search from there. Good luck!

November 07, 2013

New Calendar added to the RCARC website

A new calendar has been added to the website. You'll find the calendar under the "About Us" tab or by clicking here. We will be posting regular club events such as meetings and nets on the calendar.

If you have an other events, contests, or ham fests, just email David (W5CWT) to get them added. Email him at dhchenault[at]

November 04, 2013

Can you catch W1AW this winter?

The ARRL released an updated operating schedule for it's W1AW station today. The schedule adjusts some of the stations bulletins, news and practice sessions for standard time which began Sunday morning.

The entire schedule can be found on the ARRL's website here.