February 13, 2016

Friends help new ham get on the air

Dana (AG5DA) got a little help from his friends this week. The guys, also members of the RCARC, help put up a 30-foot tower at Dana's house and stick a Comet GP-9 on top.

Craig, who is not that fond of heights, admitted it was a little harrowing at times. But in the end, Dana was able to get a nice signal out and sounded great on the repeater during the weekly net. In the shack, Dana uses a Kenwood TM-V71A dual band transceiver powered by an Astron VS-35M power supply.

He notes that he's "still got work to do such as grounding, but I am up and running!" He also adds that he "wouldn't have it running without Craig, Ken, and Eric!  It was done right thanks to those guys."