June 15, 2018

N5RCA set for Field Day 2018

The club has, once again, received permission to hold Field Day 2018 at the Rusk County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) which serves as the county's Emergency Operations Center or "EOC". There is a special provision in the ARRL Field Day rules that allow for EOC operations and would classify our station as an "F" station.

Field Day runs from 1pm on Saturday, June 23, to 1pm Sunday, June 24th. We'll begin setting up Saturday and have dinner around 6pm Saturday evening.

GUESTS WELCOME! If you've ever had any interest in ham radio, Field Day is the BEST time to see it first hand. Join us anytime during Field Day. You'll get a chance to see how much fun it can be to "work the world!"

Going over the rules, here are some thoughts:

Number of Transmitters: Field Day rules classify all participating groups by the number of radios they have transmitting simultaneously at any time during the event AND the type of operation (low