November 12, 2015

Henderson linked to Tyler and Hawkins

KC5KCT (left) and N9JN install a
VHF Yagi linking the new repeater
with a sister repeater in Tyler.
A new repeater linking Henderson to Tyler and Hawkins was installed Thursday, November 12th. The new machine, carrying the W5ETX callsign, is the result of many hours of work by Thomas Moss (KC5KTC) and John Newman (N9JN).

Moss, who works for the ETMC Hospital system and Newman, who is part of the East Texas Emergency Communications Systems club in Tyler, began dreaming of a network of repeaters located on hospitals all across East Texas years ago. Recently, the project got a major boost when new government funding became available for emergency equipment.

The new Henderson repeater operates on 146.92 (- offset) with a PL tone of 136.5 and is linked via VHF to a repeater in the hospital district in Tyler. A third repeater, located near Hawkins, it linked in as well, providing a blanket of coverage extending east and north of Tyler. Newman said this is just the beginning. Plans are already in place to expand the network even more by adding additional repeaters as time and equipment are available.