November 18, 2015

A nice multi-band antenna that works!

by KN5G - It's always a struggle, trying to decide what antenna is simple but effective and worn't break the bank. For me, this multi-band antenna has been a real pleasure to use. Takes a little time and effort to install but well worth it in my opinion.

Just switch to the frequency you want to use, hit the auto tuner and you’re ready to call CQ! And you don’t have to put up 500 feet or wire if you don’t have room for it.

Just figure out the length you have room for and put that up. You lose the lower bands but you still have a multi-band antenna for the higher bands.

Here's the full article on the SkyWay Antenna in PDF format.

And for more information especially useful for "new hams" check our our New Ham page. - Keith