December 18, 2014

Take your Humor where you find it !

"Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying",
as the saying goes. Well, this morning I noticed this cryptic warning sticker on one of my Amateur Radio related devices. I suspect many of you will have this same or similar device in your collection of radio gear and like me, may have glanced at it without actually bothering to read it.

So, here's your challenge for the day, if you choose to accept it.

Decode the text on this warning label and tell us all what it is really trying to say, and secondly, What device do you think this label is found on?

Sorry, no prizes for the correct answers, but as Amateurs, we normally all like a challenge, so get to looking at your equipment and see if you come up with a similar warning label !

You can give us your answers during the Thursday evening net this evening, so remember to check in, starting at 7:30 p.m.