December 20, 2014

Saturday Morning, 2 Meter, PSK

Digital Modes on Two Meters:

Well, it wasn't a roaring success but we had several stations on the air this morning. We leveraged, (high-jacked), the Rusk County Amateur Radio club's chat page to coordinate our efforts and that seemed to work really well. We had N5SSH in Laredo, WD5RP in Arlington, KG5UN from Abilene, KD0TEL from Kansas City, myself, KN5G, KZ5S and AF5RI, all located here in east Texas on the chat.

Unfortunately we were never able to make a PSK contact with the outlaying stations. KZ5S and AF5RI were as strong as garlic on PSK,of course, being as close as they are to me.

KG5UN and WD5RP were able to work each other on USB voice and I could just hear them down in the noise from here in East Texas with my horizontal beam pointed west towards them, so they can claim a contact for this morning!

Anyway, just wanted to share a quick report and tell everyone that took the time this morning to try and check in, THANKS for their time and effort.

One of these Saturday morning we are going to catch some propagation and actually make some PSK-31 contacts!

73 and Merry Christmas!