February 19, 2014

Hamlib and the FreeDV program

By KN5G  Some interesting reading here:Hamlib - Ham Library API. This group has developed a whole suite of dynamic link libraries for various amateur radios. Using the FreeDV application with my Yeasu FT-857, there was not a pick in the FreeDV dropdown that defined the FT-857 and I am using CAT control to key the 857 from my computer.

Quick work around was to click the PTT button on the FreeDV screen and then key the microphone on the FT-857 to put the radio into transmit mode. This worked but was not ideal to say the least. 
With a little help from David, W5CTW I acquired the Hamlib-Yeasu dll file from Hamlib and placed it in the FreeDV Binary folder.
The next time I started the FreeDV software there was a whole list of Yeasu radios to pick from. I simply picked the FT-857, set the COM port to the one that my CAT cable was using and clicked on apply. Now I can simply click on the PTT button in the FreeDV screen and the FT-857 goes into and out of transmit mode without me having to key the radio's microphone.

Controlling a transceiver from a computer may still be a bit confusing but it certainly opens the door for a lot of potential neat stuff. Like it or not, I believe that this is the direction of the future, computer control of our radios and other devices.

Anyway, take a look at the Hamlib website. There are some applications listed there that might be interesting to download and try out.