February 24, 2014

Fox hunting in Henderson

Craig (KD5YHE), Keith (KN5G) and David (W5CWT) along with a couple future hams--and eventually Dudley (N5SAY)--went fox hunting Saturday morning. The fox, actually a radio inside a weather-proof container, took shelter near the Meals on Wheel building at Fair Park in Henderson.

The fox was built using Craig's BoaFeng HT and a voice recorder on which David had pre-recorded a voice and CW message. Keith brought a couple of large 2-meter yagi antennas which, while great a early one, proved difficult once the group was within a few hundred feet of transmitter. The signal was simply too strong and it was difficult to determine
which direction the null was -- even with an inline attenuater!

Regardless, the whole group learned a few lessons and had a lot of fun. We will work on plans for a larger, more in-depth fox hunt in the near future.

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