April 11, 2022

ARES Ops support Annual 10K race

Rusk County ARES members were once again on hand for Henderson's annual Resurrection Run. This year, the race was expanded from the typical 5K run to include a 10K as well, which posed new challenges for the group.

"When are so glad to have you all help out," said Kayla, who oversees race preparations. "It was different this year, but your group is always so prepared and ready to go!"

Although the weather was perfect for this year's race, there was a snag during the middle of the event. Several of the 10K runners took a sudden wrong turn during the route and got lost. It was the quick work of the Rusk County ARES operators who were able to spot the wayward runners and report them back on track. 

Before the race began, ARES members were deployed to several locations along the race route to report on runners' progress and unexpected emergencies. One operator was assigned to a mobile unit driven by a race official. 

The race, once again, proved a valuable training ground for more serious emergency response scenarios while allowing all the operators a fun time to get active. Plus, everyone got a free t-shirt!