August 07, 2019

Send Text Message via Winlink

Winlink provides a relatively simple way to send email over amateur radio. First, use Winlink Express to create a "Winlink Message" and post it to the "Outbox" in the software. Then, using your computer connected to a TNC (either a physical one or a software-based one) you simply log into a Winlink gateway over an RF path. Both VHF and HF gateways exist giving users a variety of options.

From there, the message is routed either to another callsign within the Winlink system to the Internet to be delivered to a standard email address. To send a text message, simply substitute the telephone number and carrier domain for the recipient.

Each carrier has a slightly different domain and possibly a different format. For example, to send a text message to a Verizon phone, simply address the email to the A sample address would be:

Other Carriers:

  • AT&T - (SMS)
  • Boost Mobile - (SMS)
  • Cricket - (SMS)
  • Sprint - (SMS)
  • T-Mobile (SMS and MMS)
  • U.S. Cellular - (SMS)
  • Verizon - (SMS)
  • Virgin Mobile - (SMS)
The Winlink system treats these messages like any other email. Remember, most carriers will truncate the message at 140 characters, so keep the subject and message short.