March 14, 2018

Digital Training Day set for Saturday

A Digital Training Day has been set for Saturday, March 17th, from 9 am - Noon. We will again meet at the South Main Church of Christ (402 S Main, Street) and probably have lunch somewhere after we're finished. This second training day will build on the success of the first day held last month.

Topics for the DTD include:
  1. Refresher on using FLDigi, FLmsg
  2. Radio to Computer interface options
  3. Direwolf install and demo, (software TNC) for Packet
  4. Winlink install and demo, VHF & HF
  5. APRS Tracking & Messaging demo, (RF & Cellular)
All the above digital modes, (except FLDigi & FLMsg) require a wired connection from your computer to your radio, so remember to bring your interface with you. The link below shows a pretty good list of interface options available, from a few dollars to more expensive.

Interfacing your computer to your radio is the next logical step for using digital modes with Amateur Radio. Most of the interface options will allow you to connect your computer to your VHF radio or to your HF radio. This opens the door to all sorts of digital modes being used on the HF bands.

If you don’t have an interface yet that is fine. Come on out Saturday morning and get a first hand look at some of the various interfaces and how they are connected between the computer and radio.

Here are some more links with information on digital modes: