November 11, 2016

Club elects new officers for 2017 term

RCARC Officers 2017
The United State Presidential election is not the only only election going on this fall. The Rusk County Amateur Radio Club also recently held its annual officer elections, bring a familiar face back to the led position. Keith (KN5G) was elected president of the club during the officer selection in October. Keith served as the club's original president, serving two years before stepping aside, as required by the club's constitution.

Along with Kieth, Michael (WX5WMS) will serve as Vice-President, Danny (KG5OSD) will serve as secretary, Craig (AF5RI) will serve as treasurer and David (W5CWT) will serve as the club's public information officer. 

Outgoing president, David (W5CWT) said he was happy to see some old and new faces in the officer's roles.

"I think these new officers definitely have the bottom-line desire to promote Amateur Radio in the area and will serve the club and it's members well in that capacity," he said. The new slate of officers will assume their roles January 1st, 2017.