January 07, 2016

6 Meter Opening

This Thursday evening, following the 146.780 net I checked the www.dxmaps.com site to see what was going on on 6 Meters and HF. Low and behold there was a pretty good 6 Meter opening going on. I tuned to 50.125 MHz and sure enough there was a station calling CQ!
After tuning around a bit I managed to work a station in Nashville Tennessee, and one in East Rochester, Ohio. As luck would have it I got a phone call about that time and by the time I got off the call the band had quietened down. I worked these two stations off of my 160 meter delta loop, which happens to tune 6 Meters pretty well. Kinda makes me wish I had a 6 Meter Yagi for these little quick band opening!

73, and keep an eye on the Magic Band, you never know when it might pop open!