May 02, 2014

Storms prompt Rusk Co. Skywarn Net

A series of storms moved through Rusk County in the early morning hours of Monday, April 26, prompting Rusk County hams to activate a llocal Skywarn net on the RCARC's repeater.

Michael (KF5QXL) drove from his home in Smith County, tracking a series of cells that had developed out infront of a dryline moving across East Texas. The net was activate just after 2 a.m. The storm moved just east, south of Henderson and just north of Mt. Enterprise.

At one point, Michael found himself in the unpleasant reality of being right in the middle of a Tornado Warning. The warning was issued when National Weather Service forecasters saw signs of rotation in the cell. Due to limited visibility, Michael was not able to see a funnel cloud, although he did report numerous sightings of wall clouds associated with the storm.

 Jon, (NU5G) also checked into the Skywarn net and spotted from his location just south of Henderson. The net was finally shutdown just after 4 a.m., once all the potentially severe weather had passed the area.