April 03, 2014

Test of the Storm Spotter Net set

By W5CWT, Dave  - Next week (April 14-16) there will be a test of the local Storm Spotter Activation Plan including a Storm Spotter Net on the RCARC repeater. The test will be initiated by call through the county's CodeRed Alert system to all Rusk County hams who are registered with the county as storm spotters.

The test will be during the evening hours on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Spotters should receive a call and/or an email requesting storm spotter activation. The call will identify itself as a "test". It will also instruct spotters to check into the storm spotter net on the local repeater at that time. A "test" net will be conducted immediately after the alert to simulate a real activation. However, spotters will NOT be asked to deploy to any spotting locations during the test.

If you have registered as a storm spotter, but do not receive the CodeRed alert, please contact me by email (see below) to make sure your information is correct. If you would like to be involved in the storm spotting program, send me an email with you call, name, physical address, cellphone number and the date and level of most recent Skywarn training you have attended. All local hams who have participated in a recent Skywarn training by the National Weather Service are eligible to participate.

If you have not attended a Skywarn training, don't miss the up-coming opportunity! The NWS is teaching both Basic and Advanced level classes on Tuesday, April 22, from 6-9pm at the Rusk County Sheriff's Office in Henderson. Contact me at david.chenault[@]RuskCountyOEM.org.