June 05, 2013

The repeater has a new home

UPDATED! Well, after more investigation, we discovered that the original coax appears to be connected to a small yagi antenna about two-thirds up the tower and not the 2-meter repeater antenna at the top. (Honestly, it's kind of hard to see when the sun is directly above the tower!) So, after cutting and splicing and reconnecting, the signal is GREATLY improved. Now the question is, again, how much coverage will it have. Feel free to add your reports in the comment section below. The more reports we have, the better idea we'll have of its capabilities.

Update from Keith: Well we did get the repeater moved this past Tuesday from the water tower to the tower at Jerry's Wrecker Service. My thanks to those that showed up to lend a hand with the move and to Jerry Wallace for allowing us to use his tower location. 

Unfortunatly the performance was not what we expected.  While the output of the machine downstream of the cavities showed 35 watts, it appears the output and sensitivity are way down on the machine now.  Reception up town around the square area only shows about 50 % on my S meter. From the loop and highway 64 it takes everybit of 50 watts to bring the machine up.

Next step is to give the cavaties a good tuning and make sure they are in good working order. Hopefully we can get that done early next week.