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About the RCARC
The Rusk County Amateur Radio Club promotes Amateur Radio and related activities in and around Rusk County, located in East Texas, about 30 miles east of Tyler, Texas. The club is affiliated with the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) the national association for amateur radio. The club was formed in the Spring of 2013 with a handful of active hams who wanted to join together and encourage others to become hams. If you'd like to contact us, shoot us an email at admin[at]RuskCountyARC.com.

Our mailing address is: RCARC, P.O. Box 1496, Henderson, TX 75653.

Click here for our Membership Application Form. Mail the form and your dues to the P.O. Box above.

You can Email us at: webmaster[at]RuskCountyARC.com. Photos of our activities can be seen on our photo page.

Want to be Ham? Or Upgrade? Testing sessions are offered every two months. They are held before a regular monthly meeting in Henderson. The cost will be around $14. What should you bring to the test? Here is a list of items you should bring. For FREE study  materials, click on any of the following: Practice ExamsStudy GuideStudy Guide.

Rusk County Repeater (N5RCA)

The club operates a VHF repeater in Henderson on 146.780 MHz (2 Meters) with a -0.6 MHz offset and a 131.8 Hz PL tone. The repeater is licensed as N5RCA, the club's callsign, and is open and free to use by any licensed amateur.

The repeater is currently at 410 feet on a tower owned by the Rusk County Electric Co-Operative, just northeast of Henderson on US-43. Recognizing the importance of amateur radio during emergencies and local disasters, the RCEC donates space on the tower for the repeater's antenna.

Winlink Packet Gateway
The RCARC maintains a Winlink Packet Gateway in downtown Henderson, on 145.07 MHz. The gateway can be reach by calling W5CWT-10. It is located at the Rusk County OEM building (about 60 feet high), puts out about 25 watts and runs at 1200 Baud.

Weekly Net
The RCARC holds a weekly net on the club's N5RCA repeater each Thursday at 7:30 p.m., except for the second Thursday of each month (see below). The net is open to any licensed amateur who would like to participate. New hams are especially encouraged to "check-in" during the net and get some practice using their radios. It is also a great way to get to know other hams in the area.

The RCARC meets at 7pm on the second Thursday of the month at the South Main Church of Christ in Henderson. The regular meetings are open to visitors and anyone with an interest in amateur radio.

Staying in Touch
Of course, you can find out a lot about the club by visiting with members on local repeaters (listed on the home page), but you can also join a couple mailing lists for up-to-date information. First, join our groups.io email reflector. Just send an email to main+subscribe@RuskCountyARC.groups.io and you will receive a confirmation email.  Second, sign-up for our periodical newsletter. To receive it, simply fill out the form below.

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