February 13, 2019

It's Thursday, which means it is net day!

The Rusk County Amateur Radio Club weekly net is tonight! All hams are welcome to participate in the net on the club's Henderson repeater at 146.78 MHz. Don't forget the 131.8 PL tone! You may also click on the Members tab and join us in the chat room during the net. So, grab your HT and join us at 7:30 pm for the net! NOTE: If this is the FOURTH THURSDAY, then there is NO net tonight, because it is our regular meeting night! You welcome to that as well!

February 06, 2019

Listen to Rusk County online!

Thanks to the efforts and equipment of Jon (NU5G), anyone can monitor the N5RCA repeater as well as current events in Rusk County online! For just over a year now, the Rusk County public safety scanner feed has been streaming.

Jon has dedicated a computer for the feed and has added an N5RCA live scanner feed as well. The feeds stream 24/7, have a short 30-45 second delay, and are archived for 180 days.

There are several iOS and Android scanner apps that can be used or you can listen via a web browser here:

Rusk County Public Safety


  • Rusk County Sheriff Primary
  • Rusk County Fire
  • City of Henderson Police dispatch
  • City of Henderson Fire

N5RCA 146.7800 MHz Rusk County Skywarn Repeater


  • N5RCA 146.780 MHz Repeater

February 04, 2019

New 2-Meter Fusion Repeater tested

Keith (KN5G) has been putting together a new Fusion (C4FM) repeater. The repeater was purchased with club funds nearly two years ago. The club had planned to replace its current analog repeater with the new digital system. However, engineering issues with the new repeater delayed worked for sometime.

Now, Keith has the repeater on the air for experimental purposed and to test the range of the system and the effectiveness of the duplexes. The repeater is currently located west of Henderson, although Keith said he is considering relocating it in town for further testing.

The repeater can be access on 145.250 MHz with an offset of -0.6 MHz and a PL tone of 131.8. If can be used in both analog FM mode and digital C4FM (or Fusion) mode with a compatible radio.

(Yes, I know the photo in this post is of a 70cm repeater. It is actually a picture of NU5G's Fusion repeater.)

February 03, 2019

RCARC elects new officers for 2019

The Rusk County Amateur Radio Club has elected new officers for the 2019 term. The election was held at the club's October meeting. With several of the 2018 officers ending a second term, most were replaced by new faces.

The new officers include Michael Searcy (WX5WMS) as President, Eric Smith (KR5G) as Vice President, Dana Ashby (AG5DA) as treasurer, Craig Roquemore (AF5RI) as secretary, and Danny Burrows (KG5OSD) as public information officer. The new slate of officers took on their roles on January 1, 2019.